Apparently when you write a book, other people want to write about it. Who knew? Here’s a round-up of some reviews:

“[The Scar Boys is] A wry, stylish tale.” — The New York Times


Life in a Fishbowl

“Numerous laugh-out-loud moments and beautifully drawn characters make for a powerful journey that will leave a lasting imprint on readers.”
Publishers Weekly, Starred Review

"This is bold, biting fare often so dark you sometimes want to look away. But you can’t."
Booklist, Starred Review

“Vlahos artfully blends the whimsical and the poignant.”
School Library Journal

One of Teen Vogue’s best reads for January 2017…
Teen Vogue

One of PopCrush’s most anticipated teen reads…

"An unsettling rumination on the spectacle of tragedy."

“I have no doubt that readers will be talking about this novel a lot, and it is one that I would recommend to reading groups in particular for the wealth of material worth discussing.”
Nudge Book

“But most of all what I love about his novel is the way it looks at television versus the internet.”

“I think it’s a great, different read that you should definitely pick up.”

"Oh man, that was an emotional rollercoaster…"
OMar the Bookworm

“I had previously told myself that I wouldn’t judge a book by its cover because of the amount of disappointments that decisions like that had brought me. However, Life in a Fishbowl lived up to its gorgeous cover and has become one of my favourite Young Adult novels that I have read for a very long time…”
Little Book Blog

“…this novel is a rollercoaster ride through human nature. Mixing pathos and humor, it is both enjoyable and inspirational to read.”
The Children’s Book Review

“Vlahos’s gift for writing blackly comic heartrenders was made clear in his debut The Scar Boys, and his latest promises to do it again..”
B&N Teen Blog

“This book is odd. A good kind of odd, but odd nonetheless.”
Sense and Sensibility and Stories

“This is an ambitious book. It pushes boundaries with its characters and plot.”
Quite the Novel Idea

“LIFE IN A FISHBOWL is a great read for people searching for a new spin on the issue of terminal illnesses and the power they have on families.”

“Life in a Fishbowl is one roller coaster that will leave you a blubbering bundle of emotions.”
A Thousand Words, A Million Books

“We’re just going to rave about Life in a Fishbowl by Len Vlahos because for a book to leave a mindset, a mindset that many of the characters share in very different ways, means it’s impacting.”
Akron and Annie

One of PopCrush’s most anticipated teen reads…

Scar Girl

"Like its predecessor, this novel will leave readers aching for an encore."
Kirkus, Starred Review

"It’s dark, it’s raw. It will grab you and refuse to let you look away until the last line of the last page. Vlahos leaves us with hope, though, after the long, dark night. As much as I liked Scar Boys, I think I liked this book better."
The Story Sanctuary

"Vlahos does another stellar job of crafting a band story that is so much more than that…"
The Global Teacher Librarian Network

"…fans of The Scar Boys will not be disappointed with this sequel."

The Scar Boys

“A wry, stylish tale…All four Scar Boys are well-etched original characters.”
The New York Times Sunday Book Review

“Vlahos’s narrative flows easily and rings true. Distinguished in every way.”
School Library Journal, Starred Review

“Etches its way onto the heart and leaves a mark.” —
Kirkus Reviews

“All the hallmarks of a coming-of-age story, but the first-person narration is compelling enough that it still feels fresh.”

“"The book is really about the complexity of friendships, and the power of music to heal all..” (review of Morris Award finalists)

“With a strong narrator facing very real problems, this is a standout debut that will appeal to a wide range of readers.”
School Library Journal

“A witty tale of a bullied teen boy saved by rock ‘n’ roll. Vlahos does a tremendous job of dealing with serious themes while still providing an enjoyable read that has many exciting and fun moments.”
Common Sense Media

“This survivor story looks addiction, bullying and isolation in the eye and doesn’t blink."
Justine Magazine

“…many moments where you wanted to laugh, cry and just jam when their music was flowing. An awesome read about friendship and a deep abiding love of music and the power to heal.”
BJ Neary, member of YALSA The Hub

“All hail Lincoln Hoppe…” (Lincoln is the narrator of The Scar Boys, audiobook.)
Good Books Good Wine

“Thought-provoking… heartbreaking… humorous… Harry learns about "true friendship, first loves and feeling peace.”
Deseret News

“A tender debut novel… at once dramatic, compelling and unique.”
Express Milwaukee

“Harry’s voice is so clear and deeply personal-that you can’t help but root for him and his band.”
Becky Anderson, Anderson’s Bookshop Naperville

“Vlahos’s debut is big-hearted and bold.”
Jenn Northington, WORD Bookstores

“A great read for fans of The Perks of Being a Wallflower, aficionados of ’80s rock, young adult readers looking for a great male protagonist, and aspiring writers looking for inspiration.”
Allison Hill, President/CEO, Vroman’s Bookstore

“Wise and heartwarming, Harry’s story will stay with you long after the novel ends.”
Powell’s City of Books, Staff Pick

“Full of great rock music and complicated characters, this book is a quick read for anyone who loves music and it’s power."
Ren, Books Inc. Blog

“This is a deeply felt, character-driven story in which friendships–good, bad and changeable–help Harry find his own direction. Highly recommended.”
Clarissa’s Bookshelf

“Harry will have readers cheering him on when things are going well and gasping as he is faced with each new hurdle.”

“…was immediately drawn in. Harry carried his horrific childhood with him, even though he tried his best not to. When his time to shine arrived, his reaction stunned me.”
A Librarian’s Take

"An amazing debut novel, it has a winning mix of punk rock, guitars and real life.”
Waking Brain Cells

“Gritty and emotional contemporary about love of music, and learning to accept yourself from a scarred teenage boy.”
Blkosiner’s Book Blog

“A compelling and enjoyable read about figuring life out when you don’t fit in. Darkly humorous, keenly self-aware and unusually observant.”
RT Book Reviews

“If RJ Palacio’s Wonder was a young adult novel, it’d be something like The Scar Boys.”
Fantastic Fiction

“Read this book, now. If it’s currently on your wish list, move it to the top, and if it’s not, then it really should be.”
Books and Quilts

“If you don’t want to pick up an instrument and rock out at the end of this book, then you’re not reading hard enough!”
Boswell Books

“[Harry’s] voice is frank, sometimes filled with despair, sometimes hope, always seeking a way forward.”
Mother Daughter Book Club

“…the easy voice and writing style [made] it feel like Harry was sitting next to me, telling me his story.”
Strung Out On Books

“This is one of those wonderful novels where you are completely immersed from the very first page, and are nothing but satisfied by the time you close the book.”
Mable’s Fables Raves & Faves

“Len Vlahos has brought music, emotions, and people to life on the page. This book is far longer than 250 words, but that doesn’t matter when every word is worth reading.”
McJ Teen Reviews

“As far as coming-of-age novels go, this is a story that deserves to be around for a long time.”
McJ Teen Reviews

“I loved how I could lose myself in Harry’s life and relate it to my own experiences. It’s a book I’ll definitely be recommending!”
Total Teen Fiction

“It is impossible to not fall in love with the main character, Harry. Recommend it to your reluctant readers, your underdogs, and your music lovers.”
Annette’s Book Spot

“It’s a fast-paced, character-driven novel delivered with appealing verve. If I were that faceless college administrator, I’d accept Harry.”
In Bed With Books

“Gritty, raw, introspective and humorous.”
Book Nerd Reviews

“The characters gave The Scar Boys gravity and their story made me feel a whole array of emotions from anger to passion (for music) to trepidation to hope and everything in between.”
Fighting Dreamer

“Lincoln Hoppe strikes just the right note with the character of Harry–offbeat, a touch sarcastic, a little wistful–as Harry describes the teen friendships and tensions that arise around the band.”
AudioFile Magazine

“I enjoyed the journey with much laughter. I would recommend Scar Boys to realistic fiction fans and anyone interested in garage bands or rock music in general.”
Reading Through Life

“This is a deeply felt, character-driven story in which friendships–good, bad and changeable–help Harry find his own direction. Highly recommended.”
Clarissa’s Bookshelf

“The Scar Boys is told as a college application essay, which I thought was an interesting spin and also very brave for a debut author. This does not read like a debut novel, and I can’t wait to see what Len Vlahos puts out next.”
Paperback Heart

“Teens will appreciate Harry’s courage and chutzpah, and will hopefully be inspired to go forth, do great things, and follow their dreams.”

“A perfect book for your YA and Adult Book Clubs.”

“Charismatic and witty, Len Vlahos’ debut novel tells a tale of change and the way music heals our lives forever. As a debut novelist, Vlahos’ writing is flawless. He adds an undercurrent of sarcasm to the humor and wit that made this novel flow so well.”
Fiction–The New Reality

“Over the years I have experienced the full range of musical highs and lows, and that is probably why I found this book so enjoyable.”
Stuff Jeff Reads

“This audio is definitely a “driveway” audio if there ever was one.”
Sagging Bookshelves (on The Scar Boys audiobook, narrated by Lincoln Hoppe)

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