Sites Related to Books and Writing

Tattered Cover
So yeah, in addition to being a writer, I’m a bookseller. My wife (Kristen Gilligan) and I are the incoming owner’s of Denver’s most treasured literary institution, Tattered Cover Bookstores. And yes, we sell my books, but we also sell just about any book you might want. Here is a VERY SMALL LIST of some of my current, favorite books for and about teens:












Sarah Darer Littman
Wonderful teen fiction writer, Storycorps star, and a good friend and good reader of my work when its still in manuscript.

Always Home and Uncool
This is a really funny dad blog — as a dad and a former parenting blogger (see below) — I can relate.

Sites Related to Music

I’m the only guy in America not cool enough for Spotify. But somehow I’m just cool enough for Pandora, in spite of the That Old Wheel station.

Amoeba Music
Whenever I’m on the West Coast I make a point of hitting Amoeba.

The one-time iconic club on the Lower East Side of New York City (which features prominently in The Scar Boys) has morphed into a music/media festival. That they timed it to coincide with the Frankfurt International Book Fair kind of pisses me off, as I’ll have to miss it, but still, seems cool. Like a grittier SXSW.

Adam’s World Blog
Really funny and interesting music writer/journalist.

Record Store Day
Predating World Book Night is Record Store Day, a very cool and very well-run effort to support brick and mortar record stores.


Sites Related to Film

Common Sense Media
As a dad of two young kids, I alwasy consult this site to see what’s good and age appropriate for my sons. Then I disregard the advice and let them watch good movies anyway.

Deep Focus
Outstanding Movie Review site.

Rotten Tomatoes
Crowd-sourced movie reviews. Like Trip Advisor for film.

Hollywood Stock Exchange
Fantasy game in which you buy and sell shares in movies, actors, directors, etc. A great way to see what’s coming out in future months, and what’s trending with fans and industry pros. (My portfolio is up 2000% since I started a decade ago. It would be up more if I took the time to keep up with it. But still, this is kind of fun and cool.)


Other Cools Sites…Just Bccause

The First Time Father
I created this parenting blog when my older son, Charlie, was born, and added a few posts with his brother Luke joined him two years later. They’re now four and two years old respectively so this is dormant. But I still really like some of the writing.

The National Association for the Promotion of Siesta — As an insomniac, I’m a big believer in the daytime nap. I started this website to bring siesta to America. There’s only one post, so maybe I’m not that serious. Or maybe someday I’ll quit my day job and devote myself to this full time. Hmmm….


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